1.                 Ayurved is India's ancient medical as well as life science.Ayurved is comprehensive science.Everything under the sky have something to share with Ayurved. Hence we find bits of knowledge from all branches like -botany ,chemistry,zoology,anatomy,physiology ,toxicology,philosophy,&even theology in classical Ayurvedic texts.It is simple practical science of life whose basic principles tested and refined every many centuries are universally applicable to all those who seek harmony ,peace and longevity .The science of ayurved is based not only on research data but also on eternal wisdom of Rishis who received this knowledge from experience &meditation .It is interesting to see how the word AYURVED is formed .AYU+ VED  are the two words . AYU means life and VED means to tell . So the definition of AYURVED is " THE SCIENCE WHICH TELLS ALL ABOUT OUR LIFE IS AYURVED ." As stated above ,in Ayurved we find knowledge of all sciences.eg we can see knowledge of chemistry in ancient Ayurvedic text . In our old text like Charaksamhita, Sushruta Samhita , we find kshar chikitsa .They describe how to prepare kshar ,how to use it , besides this there is also description of treatment due to kshar burn .Whenever there is burn due to kshar ayueved advice to apply amlaras .Why the amlaras only?The explanation in Ayurved treaties is -"-क्षारो हि याति माधुर्यं शीघ्रमम्लोपसंहित:।" Means it becomes sweet when kshar & aamla meet .In modern chemistry kshar means alkali &amla means acid . (Kshar is made from herbal ash dissolved in water.Here ash is oxide and when it dissolved in water hydroxide formed , means it is alkali )When acid & alkali comes together Neutralisation occurs.This proves that the ancient  ayurved experts also know the chemistry very well but the terminology was different .AYURVED HAS IT'S OWN BASIC PRINCIPLES AND PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE.  Ayurved has it's unique slogan "स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम् ।व्याधितस्य व्याधिपरिमोक्ष:।।"Here AYURVED advice  to protect the health of healthy one first  and even though the disease occurs then only treat it .Ayurved is the only health science in the world which states the rules for heathy life in it's every treaty first and then describe the diseases and their treatments . दिनचर्या(day routine) and ऋतुचर्या (routine relevant to seasons)are the main stem of this healthy life.To understand these one must know the    BASIC PRINCIPLES OF AYURVED             THESE  ARE  1)Pachmahabhutas2)Tridosh3)Prakruti--                                         1]Prithvi(Earth)                                            2]Aapa(water)                                            3]Teja(Heat,solar power)                                            4]Vayu(wind)                                            5]Aakash(vacuum , Sky /space/void)These five elements collectively called as Panchamahabhutas .Charakachary  states"पुरूषोयम् लोकसंमित:"in Charaksamhita . In simple word it is "पींडी ते ब्रम्हांडी".Pind means human body--microcosm and brahmand means universe --macrocosm. Human being is a small replica of the big universe .The human body --microcosm  is a child of cosmic forces --the macrocosm .These Panchamahabhutas are also called panchtatwas .There for when somebody dies it also called he merged in panchtatwas .         PANCHMAHABHUTAS in nature:----1)Prithvi mahabhut:-stones, soil etc heavy things are Prithvi mahabhut .2)Aap mahabhut :-Water in the revers, springs , oceans is aap mahabhut.3)Tej mahabhut :- sunlight , fire is tej mahabhut.4)Vayu mahabhut :-Air means vayu mahabhut 5)Aakash mahabhut :-Empty space, vacuum means aakash mahabhut These are mahabhutas in nature .These mahabhutas are also present in human body in different form.The food ,grains , fruits etc  which human consume is also derived from nature and Pachmahabhutas . Means indirectly human body is also formed form Panchamahabhutas .But these are manifested in very different forms in our body.1)Liver ,spleen, brain, bones , teeth , hair etc weight bearing body parts are Prithavi mahabhut . 2)Urine, blood, sweat ,saliva these liquids are Aap mahabhut.3)The digestive power,warmness of body is Tej mahabhut .4)Air required for breathing and other bodily functions is Vayu mahabhut .5)The hollowness of bladder , heart,stomach,ear,lungs is Aakash mahabhut           Thus Ayurved states unbroken  relation between the nature and human .And so the seasons in nature affect the human body .eg asthama of patients aggravate in cloudy season .TRIDOSHA :-1)Vata 2)Pitta and 3)kapha  collectively called as Tridosha .(tri means three)These are like tripod .As tripod balances the weight over it , tridosha balance our whole body. When tridosha are in  normal state ,whole body functions are normal .when they are vitiated , various diseases occurred .These tridoshas have their own specific place . Place below umbilicus is Vata place .Place in between umbilicus and heart is pitta place .Place above the heart is kapha place. . PRAKRUTI  Prakruti means body constitution .Prakruti is depend upon the dominance of dosha at the time of foetus formation .Prakruti is of three types Vata Prakruti ,Pitta Prakruti ,Kapha Prakruti .There are some specific characteristics of each Prakruti.  As..........                        Vata Prakruti :-A person having Vata Prakruti is generally thin , tall with dusky skin colour,dry hair and erratic in nature .                                                                                                           Pitta Prakruti :-Person having pitta Prakruti is generally moderately thin and tall having skin colour just like wheat , brown- blond  eyes, blond hair and straight nose with sharp tip.Those persons are  short tempered but highly intelligent .   Kapha Prakruti :- Person having kapha Prakruti is bulky , tall , white in skin colour, curly hair, generous ,calm and quiet in nature with black and big eyes .