1st October is celebration time for seniors living all over the world as it is International Day for Senior citizens.

Pediatric is Medical Science to treat kids and it is as difficult as General Medicine, the seats for MD are only for brightest among the bright.

Geriatrics is Medical Science to treat seniors above the age of 60. Here in India, it is still part of general MD Medicine, unlike Western countries where doctors can opt for MD-Geriatrics.

We are ready to face tantrums of teenagers as part of  the 'growing up' process, we also give vaccinations to little ones as scheduled but most of us, lack apathy towards seniors.

Simple forgetfulness is labelled as Dementia or precursor to Alzheimers.

Dementia is related to Depression and gets reversed if depression is treated whereas Alzheimers is a one way Decline and need to be taken care by good helpers, including family members.

Who is a senior citizen?

Any person above the age of 60.

Does Life Stops at 60+? Why do own children not accept the rare, erratic behaviour of their seniors? Why was Baghbaan a hit movie ?

Years ago the Rajesh-Shabana starrer, Avatar movie was a hit too. In both the movies, it was an outsider who stepped in to take care of the seniors who had to start new life due to neglect faced by son(s.)

Maybe, just maybe, if Baghbaan 2 is made to show abuse and neglect by daughter(s)/son-in-laws, it will be a hit too. Daughters want equality but shun responsibility of looking after parents once they move away, even after getting educated at par with sons, earning as much if not more than sons. In India, despite education, are we to believe that the married daughters are at mercy of in-laws, or has it just become a good excuse?

Seniors are likely to get age-related illnesses like diabetes, high BP, asthma, heart attacks & fractures due to brittle bones.

How easy it would be for a diabetic to get treatment by 1 doctor team instead of being referred to a kidney specialist, an eye specialist, a bone specialist, a heart specialist, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist.

But bonding among seniors helps them stay away from doctors because of this confusion as to whom to consult.

With dwindling resources & mounting responsibilities (Still) because the family is getting extended.

Is it possible to visit that many medical personnel?

Bonding among themselves helps ward away Depression which indirectly helps keep Dementia away

Dementia is first stage of Alzhiemers. Correct it or get it corrected before it is too late and Selfish People Start Abusing Vulnerable Seniors ,helped by some selfish lawyers , ready to label The Senior as Mad.

Play games, solve puzzles , keep writing a diary , be familiar with day to day events through newspapers & TV, remain positive , try to look away if ignored ( it is their loss !) ,Dress up well and with the times, remain bonded with grandchildren without playing politics of blame game with own children.

Accept it that Times have changed & we as Seniors have to keep pace with the changing times, be it Internet, Facebook , Duo application to chat with own through Smart phones & Do not forget to say Thank You God for all Mercies.

May No Senior has to Renew life at 60+ Due to Neglect Faced by Own, like it was shown in both the hit movies.

In Delhi alone lots of Seniors are Abused for Property. May Seniors be Guided Well about lots of schemes made by Government for them.

So What Geriatrics is Not A Separate Branch of Medicine ?

So What a New doctor like to flaunt her/ his status as The Diabetologist ? 

Seniors can remain connected to share and to to care.

Happy Senior Citizen's Day To Seniors & to their Connected Juniors.