It is likely that you may have have been through Stress, Thyroid, took some strong medicine for an infection, have poor Immunity, imbalance of hormones, Diabetes, Iron Deficiency, unfavourable environmental factors or maybe some unknown reason due to which you are now facing some hair loss. These events will tend to snatch away your Hair's lustre, length, density, age, and thickness. Hair loss takes many forms such as The thinning of hair, the patchy spots, loosening of the hair, loss of hair all over the body and scaling on the head. Hair fall is perhaps one of the most discussed topics among mankind. The Good news amidst these issues is that there are easy ways to regrow your lost hair. Following are the power tips to reclaim your lost hair:-

Treat Dandruff

Let us start with Dandruff.  A poorly maintained scalp will not let the hair grow. If dandruff becomes too much one can notice the temporary hair loss. Dandruff impacts your hair quality and needs to be taken care of on urgent basis. The easiest way to keep dandruff at bay is to use a natural approach such as massaging your hair with a mixture of olive oil and almond oil and then washing it off after 5-7 minutes. This has to be done on regular basis. Follow your own instinct to see the improvement. The other approach which is very important is to reduce fatty food diet, sugar content, junk food, reduce stress and sleep deep.  Using a mild shampoo occasionally is also a good idea. 

A healthy scalp is equal to Healthy Hair

Nourish Hair follicles  

Reviving Hair follicles is very important. This is achieved by better Nutrition and Better eating Habits. Protein helps the growth of follicles. Add other sources of Omega 3 foods (Nuts, fenugreek seeds, Fish). Castor Oil has very powerful properties.

Castor Oil helps both skin and Hair


Avoid using the hot rollers frequently, colouring, tight braids and twisting and pulling of hair.

Reduce Stress

Stress creates a vicious circle. It spoils the body's functioning by disturbing the hormonal balance. The best way to address is by taking up exercise and staying active throughout the day.  

Go for Exercise to Reduce Stress

Hair Massage

Hair massage helps improve blood circulation. One can use Rosemary oil or amla for hair massage. 

A weekly hair massage can do a lot of good

Vitamin B Complex

Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex,  is known to promote hair Growth. You can apply egg protein also on the hair.

Biotin helps. Supplement quantity needs to be decided by Physician. 

Reclaim your Crowning jewel The Healthy Hair

If you have an underlying medical condition then your physician will need to conduct the required tests and give you medicine for the same. Your physician can also study your hair and give you a plan for taking care of your own hair yourself. It will save you time and energy and restore your crowning jewel back. 

2.5 to 3 litres of water is required for healthy hair