Improve POSTURE : Improve FAT Levels, Improve ENERGY, Improve LIBIDO


Attaining a stable body fat is one of the reasons people seek out fitness professionals. The problem with most fitness professionals approach is that they fail to get at the root of the dysfunction. When body fat increases, it is primarily a symptom of a structurally and physiologically inefficient body. An inefficient body, body does not operate in regards to prioritizing the reduction of body fat. It is possible that training very hard and dieting will yield results that most people are looking for in their training regimens. The question is whether or not they can sustain it.  For the people who still have issues with decreasing body fat, it is important to note the body’s relationship with excessive amounts of fat is purely a result of a neurological deficiency communicating that the  increased levels of fat are normal.  Body fat was never a priority in nature for millions of years. There is no reason why it would be now. Following the traditional calories in vs calories out approach fails to adhere to this evolutionary light. Having a structurally sound posture and nervous system will get at the root at dealing with the symptoms of excessive body fat increases through the implementation of efficiency. 


Most people will use energy supplements and drinks in an attempt to increase their productivity throughout the day. The problem with this approach is that we are attempting to treat the symptoms rather than address the issue of why we are feeling tired in the first place. Essentially, we address a neurological deficiency as a physiological deficiency. The problem with this logic is that the brain does not have a physiological response first.  Before the pituitary gland can be stimulated, the brain must go through a neurological through process first. A structurally optimal posture leads to an optimal nervous system where the brain can wire in an appropriate circadian rhythm clock which releases hormones that give you energy and hormones that make you sleep at appropriate times. Energy is a measure of how well a person is operating within a balanced circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is a biological base point for balanced energy levels.  


It is shown that excessive amounts of stress by itself will significantly decrease a person’s sex drive. Since both the stress response and the sex hormones stem from the endocrine system, the better the body can regulate stress, the less problems it will have in regards to sexual performance.  It is also important to note that sex can also be a physically taxing task for the body since it requires significant amounts of muscular integration and dynamics.  For example, the utilization  of the  posterior pelvic tilt and anterior pelvic tilt are quite common in sexual encounters. The mastery of the pelvic maneuver with good postural dynamics will significantly improve ones ability in a sexual context.