Male sex problems are not a common problem due to working lifestyle and increasing stress in both personal and professional life. Cases of premature ejaculation have recorded an increase in the past few years and are spoiling relationships. This is a condition in which ejaculation occurs sooner than desired. This can be caused just shortly after penetration or before desired by the male partner. As per sexologist, this is not a disease but is due to various mood disorders, stress, memories of early sexual experiences,depression and anxiety. This is a distressful and frustrating problem that male experience and often leads to avoiding sex.  

Premature ejaculation can be classified into two parts – primary and acquired. Sexologist says that if the condition is present since onset of sexual maturity then it is known as primary and when it occurs after an interval of sexual relationship, this is an acquired one. Have you ever experienced this with your partner then it is necessary to consult an expert sexologist for quick treatment? When an individual experience a sex problem, every relationship is affected and life becomes stressful. As this is not a chronic disease, it is necessary to stay calm and look for the right treatment.

There are cases reported when premature ejaculation is experienced at an early stage of new relationships. This has spoiled or ended their relationship when there is highly anticipated sex among couples. We know that male sexual response should be high each time to provide extreme pleasure to a partner. If you are experiencing this problem, it is best to get out of this problem with proper medication, therapy and treatment from a sexologist in your city. Once the treatment is over, you will regain the pace of sex and will enjoy sexual pleasure once again in life.