While working long hours on PC or any digital devices, we forget to blink. Blinking of the eyes 18 times per minute is very important to keep the eye moist and prevent dryness. Blue eyes emitted from all the electronic devices cause long-term macular degeneration. Long-term exposure can also cause early cataract. Constantly staring at the digital screen can cause eye strain, tired eyes, dry eyes and bad lighting condition (i.e. working in a room with no light or dim light), not wearing the spectacles strain the eye.

How to prevent Eye Strain?

Place the screen of the laptop or computer monitor 20-25 Inches away from your eyes and little below the eye level. Working in good lighting condition. Use of anti-reflective lenses (spectacle) reduces glare and increases contrast i.e. get better clarity of vision. Twenty-twenty-twenty, After every 20 mins look 20 feet away (outside the window or at a wall far off) and blink your eyes 20 times.