1. You have to give time 

2. If you take medicines for Ovulation Induction, it's important to do Follicular scan to see if eggs are growing with the medicines, at least in the 1st cycle.

When all reports (Semen, Tubes, Hormones) are OK , still you struggle to conceive.

This couple came to us in April 2018. All reports were normal except Tubal Patency test, which we performed by SSG and found normal.

They received Letrozole for Ovulation Induction 6 cycles outside, but without any Follicular Scan.

After discussion, they agreed to have 3 cycles of Clomiphene Citrate (CC). In the first cycle we found she was ovulating with CC. We advised them to try it for another 2 cycles and then return.

They returned today , after 2 months only, taking CC for 2 cycles only, but with Good News.

Please pray for them.

PS- Published with kind Permission from the Patient.