September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day & it is observed to spread awareness and action to prevent suicides.

Suicide affects us in numerous ways. It flashes in the news, you may be affected by it in your family or friend circle, or may have thought about it or contemplated it as an option or a last resort yourself. It is prevalent to a greater extent in certain age groups, but regardless of the numbers, Each life lost- is one too many!

Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide, according to the World Health Organization, while 20 others attempt it. Clearly, as the numbers indicate- you are not alone even if you have even just thought about it for a few fleeting moments. As a counsellor and a psychotherapist, I know, that although you are not alone, I understand how utterly lonely and isolating these feelings can be. 

Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide. In most cases, suicide is a result of suffering with depression too long. It does not mean that you are suffering from depression just because you thought about suicide. Yet, a single thought should be enough of an indication that counselling may help you. There is no positive outcome in postponing the initiation of seeking help! Neither is it fair, to allow yourself go down a dark debilitating spiral.

No- you are not to blame: A number of possible reasons could contribute to developing symptoms of depression. Past experiences, particular ways of thinking, stress and overload, could all in some way contribute. Seeking help at the earliest will enable you to develop coping mechanisms and skills to manage, overcome and thrive. No, you have not caused your symptoms; but yes, you can choose to take them to therapy. 

Being heard can help: I so highly encourage you to seek therapy, is because your therapist will listen to you patiently, without bias, without judgement, without unsolicited advice; yet your life decisions will still be yours to make.

Feeling Hopeless, Helpless or Worthless?: When you are swamped with emotion, your circumstances may seem to have got you to an absolute rock-bottom, remember that there is only one direction you can go, and that is UP! Yes, it may seem impossible to see any solution, any light at the end of the tunnel. So when you feel like you've tried everything, give therapy a try too- If you have not already sought help. 

Although, Try not to leave it as a last resort: After all, why should you choose to go through so much worse, rather than interrupting your symptoms as soon as you notice them.

I know that initiating therapy can be intimidating and full of apprehension; I assure you, you won't regret it after you come in for your first session. Try it out for yourself, and let me know how it went! Always choose a therapist that you feel comfortable working with.