Hair is a crucial part of the body. Hair constitutes to the beauty of a women. Long flowing tresses add to the beauty of your face. Men often admit that they like women with pretty hair and of course which man does not like to run his fingers through his women’s hair? 

If you have always wanted stunning hair like the ones of your favorite actresses, then don’t worry as today, I am going to give you some splendid natural tips, which will make your hair soft, shiny, smooth and damage free.

So read on ladies, it’s an special edition for you all…….

Your hair makes you beautiful, so you cannot leave any loopholes in its care. Therefore, the first thing that you ought to do to maintain your hair is to nourish it properly and that means you have to oil your hair regularly. A little oil is not going to damage your hair, so please even if you do not like oiling your hair, oil it a little bit.

For Silky and Smooth Hair

  • Apply Egg to your Hair

For Long and Strong Hair

  • Apply Curd to your Hair 
  • Mix Curd and together 
  • Apply it to your hair prior 30 minutes to washing it.
  • Apply this mixture at least once a week for glossy and beautiful hair

How to get rid of Dandruff?

Vinegar and lemon juice are acidic in nature and they are effective in reducing dandruff, but too much acid can damage your hair, so apply it is small quantities.

  • Add one cup of vinegar to 2 glasses of water. 
  • Wash your hair with the solution

This will help to restore your hair and shine, control oil and get rid of dandruff.

Tips to take care of your hair

  • Never wash your hair every-day, as it will rid natural oils of your hair.
  • Wash it twice or thrice a week, no more than that.
  • Avoid using hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally. 
  • Hair dryer makes your hair thin and it results in hair fall.
  • Do not comb your hair while it is wet.
  • Your hair is delicate so avoid tying it tightly.
  • Tying your hair is a strict no-no as it causes your hair-fall and hair damage.
  • Use a good shampoo and a conditioner. Make sure that you conduct a thorough market research before you choose the perfect shampoo for your hair.

You can even ask a dermatologist to recommend a shampoo and a conditioner suitable for your hair.Hence, these are some of the tips, which you ought to follow to attain beautiful locks of hair.