RSI or Repetitive Stress Injury/ Inflammation is one of the most common neck and shoulder ailments which causes a  lot of discomfort! 


  • Pain and stiffness in the back of the neck, shoulders and upper back.  
  • Radiating pain towards hands and fingers or the back of the head 
  • Giddiness and general lethargy as associated symptoms  

A protocol is drawn for the treatment which involves : 

1. Medicines and applications of relaxant oils 

2. Lifestyle change and stress management techniques : 

  • A couple of advisory suggestions are to take frequent breaks while sitting in front of your system. Shrug shoulders and hold for 4 counts and let them fall. Do this every hour  
  • Breathe deep and inhale to energise and exhale to relax! 
  • Rotate the shoulders and let the hands hang down and relax! 

3. Exercise to relieve pain and prevent it! Take a walk of 40 minutes, moving your hands and marching forth! Neck stretches under the guidance of a wellness trainer and a little weight training will make the shoulder muscles strong enough to prevent any pain in the future!