Fungal infections are very common nowadays especially during rainy season. It has become a menace now because of delayed and inadequate treatment. One of the biggest problems in our country is over the counter medicines which is very easily available at chemist shops. 

Here are few precautions a patient must take to prevent recurrent infections:

1) Dry your skin well after bath or shower.

2) Wear cotton and lose clothes

3) Wash your undergarments daily and iron them from inside.

4) Don't share clothes with anyone.

5) Wear open-toed sandals when possible.

6) Don't apply medicines of your own. See your dermatologist as soon as possible.

There are few associated diseases with recurrent fungal infections like Diabetes and Low immunity due to any cause. In such cases, detailed examination and investigations are required. 

Fungal infections nowadays are completely treatable disease if treated well in time.