People who have glasses or use contact lenses, some times look at it as a burden and wish to get rid of it. One can get rid of glasses & contact lenses with the help of a procedure called LASIK. In this procedure the transparent front part of the eye called cornea is reshaped with the help of laser light. With advancement in laser technology this procedure takes place in a few minutes and one can go back to normal activities in a few days.

This procedure can be done only after 18 years of age with the power remaining stable for a year. Eyes need to be thoroughly evaluated to rule out the possibility of any ongoing eye disorder especially of the cornea , the part which is treated to correct eye power. 

Shortsightedness upto a power of  -14 , farsightedness upto the power of + 6  and an axis power upto  -6 to +6 can be treated with causing any discomfort to the person undergoing treatment.

Following treatment eye drops are used for a few weeks and activities like swimming , outdoor games & injury prone activities should be avoided. Few weeks post treatment  things stabilise and remain so for life.