Erections are part of the function of a healthy body that is beneficial when a man wants to masturbate or have sex. However, erection take space when a man doesn’t want to have sex. What are the best ways to stop untimely/ unwanted erection?

Erections start to take place in early life and they are believed to be the healthy function of a body that takes place several times a day in most of the men. In adult days, erections might take place when a man is aroused sexually or for any other reason. Some of the different types of erections are:

  • Psychogenic: It takes place in response to the sexual desires and thoughts.
  • Reflexogenic: This takes place is regarded to touch.
  • Nocturnal: This takes place when a man sleeps.

Testosterone plays an essential role in the functioning of erectile. In this process, a small amount of blood flows towards the penis. The action altogether with muscles, hormones, and nerves makes the penis stiff. With erection, sexual intercourse is possible but this doesn’t always mean that a man wants to have sex or masturbate.

Ways to stop erection

Ejaculating or getting the orgasm will usually get rid of the erection but this isn’t always desirable or appropriate.

  • Meditation: This will lead to relaxation and helps to get rid of an erection.
  • Waiting patiently: The best way to deal with it is to wait for it to go away.
  • Distraction: Distract your mind with other thoughts.