Do you spend hours exercising and still can’t get rid of the fat on your back? We have the perfect solution to help fight your flabby back. Here are some easy exercises that can help get your upper body in shape and give you the perfectly toned back that you desire.

-Renegade Rows: This exercise helps you in getting a toned back and works on your core muscles.

  • To start this exercise get into the pushup position with a weight in each hand. Pick a dumbbell according your stamina and fitness level.
  • Now, place all your weight on the right arm and pick up the left arm while holding on to the dumbbell.
  • Come back into pushup position and repeat the same with the other arm.
  • Focus on your core muscles while doing this exercise.

-Modified inverted Row: This exercise works on various muscles such as the core, leg muscles and back muscles.

  • To start this exercise you are required to have a secure bar that you can hang from. Put your feet on the ground and make a 90° angle on your knees and hold on to the rod with your hands.
  • Now, pull yourself up with your arms to lift your chest to the bar. Hold there for a few seconds and then come back to the original position.
  • As you build up your stamina you can increase the intensity of this exercise by increasing the frequency of repetitions.

-Rear Lateral Raise: This exercise works on toning your back and arms, and shoulders.

  • Stand up straight and hold the dumbbells in your hand.
  • Now bend forward at your hips until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Keep your hands straight and palms facing each other while holding the dumbbells.
  • Without moving your torso, raise your arms straight out to the sides until they're in line with your body.
  • Hold there for few seconds and then slowly return to the original position.

- Pull up: This exercises works on your upper body and helps you in toning and strengthening your back muscles.

  • If you are a beginner then you can use a bench to start with, to get some additional support.
  • Step on the bench and hold the bar keeping the grip width just slightly wider than the shoulder width.
  • Pull yourself up and hold there for few seconds and then slowly lower yourself back down.

Include these exercises in your workout to get a toned and flab free back.