Strength training is anaerobic style of physical activity that increases the strength of muscles through resistance training, isometric training or weight lifting. The Strength training routine puts the muscles through short duration, high intensity activities that result is better performance and effective weight loss.

Strength training is safe for both men and women of all ages and can be worked according to one physical ability and benefits mental and emotional health. Strength training also helps people with health problems like diabetes, arthiritis, osteoporosis and heart diseases can benefit from it with a good exercise program made around their needs. Old people have many problems like knee pain, back pain which can be a problem in movements. Strength training with light exercise can slowly work on the problem and help you reduce the pain and become fit.

Working on your muscles has many advantages.The amount of your workout is directly proportional to the calories burned. The more weight training one does the more will he or she be burning calories. As more muscles are built the body still burns calories whether at rest or not. The metabolic rate increases with more muscles in the body and the body burns more calories while at rest even when you are sleeping.

Strength training depends on factors like reps, sets, tempo, exercise types and the weight lifted. It can be done with equipments such as barbells, dumbbells, cables and kettle bells and the body as well as few exercises involve  using the entire body weight. Strength training is not the same as body building as strength training focuses towards building more strength, size of the muscles and power in particular.

Strength training helps you sculpt your muscles, give you power and also improve the heart health. Study suggests that strength training improves the blood glucose level and decreases the cholesterol level from the body. It acts as antidepressant and improves sleep and over all quality of life. Strength training gives a better balance to the body along with right posture and less of injuries due to stronger bones, muscles, ligaments etc.

Study conducted on 25 people for HDL levels with strength training suggests that doing strength training increases the good cholesterol HDL and showed decrease in LDL bad cholesterol.