How to Deal With #Insect Inside Ear -If Suddenly one feels a #buzzingsound or an itchy feel in the ear& to horror, one feels a live insect in ear, which can be extremely annoying and is like a nightmare. Insects often get stuck when they enter our ears as they cannot fly or crawl out.first thing is to confirm if insect is there or not;for which pull pinna upward and backwards in adult and straight down in children below 3 yrs,throw light with torch,if a #mosquito it might come out with light.If other insect use gravity down position so it might crawl out.#Staycool,calm and no panic plz.Being too active may lodge the bug further in your ear or cause it to crawl further back, or cause #damage to the sensitive inner ear or eardrum.keep objects (like fingers) away from your ears to promote early exit of insect.sometimes there is no insect or might have come out and just sensation or feeling is persisting.Abnormal sensation can be sometimes due to eustachian dysfunction.If you are not able to understand&If the foreign object is an insect, tilt the person's head so that the ear with the offending insect is upward.Try to float the insect out by pouring #mineral,#oiloliveoil or baby oil into the ear.The oil should be warm but not hot. As you pour the oil, you can ease the entry of the oil by straightening the ear canal. Pull the earlobe gently backward and upward for an adult, backward and downward for a child. The insect should suffocate and float out in the oil bath,it will #Kill the insect by #drowning it. Don't use oil to remove any object other than an insect. Don't use this method for a child if ear tubes are in place or if you think the eardrum may be perforated. The emergency is over once the insect is dead. See your#ENTdoctor as soon as may also Squeeze droplets of #alcohol in ear canal,even though painful.The alcohol will evaporate but the smell will pressure the insect to come may also,#Flush the ear with water – using a bulb or syringe (without the needle) if one is available to swish it out.Let the water slowly overflow and watch for the insect to be flushed out. Do not irrigate ear if you think your ear drum has been ruptured or has old hole in drum or has a tube or grommet.But do not try to remove an insect with cotton swab, tweezers or hair clip or#forceps or any other tool, as it will make the situation worse and can lodge the insect deeper into the ear canal, which can possibly damage the eardrum,middle ear leading to hearing loss and may lead to chronic disease and necessity of #tympanoplasty operation in future. we sometimes get such cases of damage hence please ask only a ENT specialist to remove and no one else must attempt removal even though tempting.Best thing is always visit ENT doc & get insect removed fully or if parts are left with.he will also clean debris or infection.believe me it will be cost effective and safe.Lastly plz ensure less entry of insects in house or office,avoid lying on ground, use insecticides regularly for insect control etc.