The COVID-pandemic has made all of us lock ourselves inside our houses and maintain social distance. We, humans, are social animals and being locked up inside four ways can cause stress and I suggest this period can be looked at from a different perspective. This may create a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Remember the days where you were using the quote “no time” as an excuse for looking after yourself. 

Now it is the right “me time” for all of us, some of which are: Happy stomach, happy soul - Food is first, eat a balanced diet, and of course, add variety. To be honest, there are no proven supplements that will boost your immune system. 

Do not fall for any trap looking at fancy advertisements. This COVID season, the best way to feel good is a well-balanced diet, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plant, and animal proteins.

●     Eat more fruits and vegetables

●     Choose whole grains 

●     Eat smaller portions

●     Replace fatty items

●     Limit consumption of alcohol

1) Follow a healthy routine and practice mindful eating - In the midst of vulnerability, it is entirely expected to feel anxious, sad, stressed, and terrified. Keeping up an ordinary day by day schedule can help deal with a portion of this pressure. One way we can do this is by adhering to healthy eating patterns and arranging suppers ahead of time. This can assist us with better control hunger levels, meet our supplement necessities, and permit us to take advantage of the food we have, diminishing food waste. During significant stretches of stress, we may wind up eating more than we need. In addition, remaining at home for longer periods may likewise lead us to nibble out of weariness. 

Here are a few hints to assist you to practice more mindful eating:

●      Take smaller bites

●      Chew well

●      Sit at the table

●      Put down the spoon between bites

●      Do not eat straight from the packet

●      If your stomach is full, save for later

●      Do not use mobile

●      Most importantly, pay attention to smell, taste and texture 

●     Cutoff liquor and don't smoke

 ●     Maintain a strategic distance from caffeine before sleep time

 ●     Exercise regularly

 ●     Keeping your room peaceful, dim and at an agreeable temperature

2) Get information from trustworthy sources - There is a great deal of misinformation encompassing COVID-19 on the web and social media. It is significant we get our data from dependable and reliable sources, for example, government sites or sites of confided in national or worldwide association (for example WHO, EFSA, ECDC). False information may create panic, anxiety thereby resulting in stress. 

3) Think like a champ - You need not necessarily get stressed thinking on the hours or days that are getting wasted staying home in quarantine. It is a good time to do anything. Yes, you heard it right. It is okay if this quarantine has not brought the best in you. Do not get stress looking at the pictures shared by others on social media with their partners or the fancy foods they display. It is perfectly okay to not discover any of your talents this season.

When mother nature is using this time to self-heal, we can use this time just to stay home and stay safe!