"Getting angry with the right person to right degree in the right time for a right purpose and in a right way " as Aristotle said if one can master, that would be the greatest achievement.

Anger is considered as a negative emotion if it is in excess and it can destroy the relations with others and health gets deteriorated without we being aware of it.  Well regulated anger is really constructive and useful to self as well others.

Others seem to consider it as harmful and unpleasant all the time.

Anger sets in so suddenly, one does not realize that they are being overpowered by anger, and realization sets in after the damage are caused.

  • The root cause of anger can be realized only with introspection.
  • Ability to accept the truth as it is will remove the blocks that one erects between himself and others.
  • Ability to balance the pride of self and basal desires which are un-realistic will make one mentally strong.
  • Cultural values and social norms will help to restrain the vagabond and arrogant mind.
  • Empathizing with others feelings when they are hurt by one's anger will make them more humble.

These five steps if one can meditate and transform their self, anger will be a feeling of past with no future.

Self as well others can leave a happy life with love overflowing around them.