How bad is nebuliser?

With the onset of winters, smog settles down in lower zones & affects airways. Because of change of environment, lifestyle & impurities in what we eat, drink, inhale or even think, allergy is on the rise whether of nose, lungs or skin.

So cure or relief without medications would be possible in two conditions only, change of residence to a place where allergens are minimal/absent or body learns not to react to them (only possible by immunotherapy).

Medicines for dilating mucolytics & anti inflammatory (steroids) can be given by either oral or nebuliser route.

By common sense, if medicines go to lungs directly, it will have immediate relief, will have less side effects (as it will not be absorbed in circulation so much). Also allergies flare up as & when their is exposure to allergens and not because of using nebuliser as part of it.

Remove the prejudice and help us in healing your patients as they suffer just for the reason that parents are scared for side effects of nebuliser (though they are ready to give same salt orally).

Common sense is the highest form of wisdom one can have.