As one reaches late thirties or early forties, you experience difficulty in reading caller’s name, fine prints, playing on smart phones, reading menu cards or price tags. You are finding it hard to recognize the word without keeping the book far from your eyes and your eyes are feeling strained while reading.  It is time to go and consult your eye doctor. These symptoms are of Presbyopia.

As you grow old, you have difficulty in reading, writing and doing your regular work, which earlier you used to do without even noticing. When you hold the object or book near your eyes then you cannot focus on the object or the letters clearly. The difficulty in focusing is the main symptom of Presbyopia. The lens part of the eyes looses flexibility with growing age and it become less elastic day by day. The muscles holding the lens also become loose and thus the eyes find it difficult to focus on various things. This condition can be easily diagnosed as the affected person starts observing things and objects by holding them very far from the eyes in an attempt to focus well on the things.

Treatment for Presbyopia

The common treatment for Presbyopia includes the use of reading glasses, progressive additional lenses, contact lenses and bifocals.

If you are mainly looking for solution so that you can read your favorite books without finding reading an arduous task then the reading glasses are the most suitable option for you. These glasses you are supposed to wear only while reading and writing. You can also use these glasses while working on computers.

The bifocal reading glasses are good for you if along with Presbyopia you also have myopia, Hyperopia and astigmatism. These glasses have two focal points. The upper half part is to help with nearsightedness or farsightedness and the lower half part is to cope with Presbyopia.

The bifocals can also be further improved with the help of progressive additional lenses. The progressive additional lenses will make sure that the transition between the two focal points is gradual rather than sharper. These glasses are more suitable for intermediate distances such as computers, ipad, files, laptops, smart phones etc.

If you do not like the concept of wearing eyeglasses then you can also wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are also popular alternative to cure the vision problems associated with Presbyopia. You can also make use of multi-focal contact lenses in case you are suffering from other eye conditions.