Even sex needs variation to break the monotony. Certain postures may promote or prevent fertility. Certain postures compensate incompatibility due to overweight, protuberant belly, fleshy thighs and indifference in stature of both partners. Vatsyayana to Van de velde have suggested various coital postures.
  1. Alfred Kinsey writes “Sexual responses involve steady and convulsive building-up of neuromuscular tensions. As action develops, abrupt build-up of tensions at the approach of orgasm, remarkable rigidity develops before orgasm, explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at orgasm and abrupt cessation of tension after the orgasm. The attention of individual is so centered on the sexual activity that he is not consciously aware of the sensory stimulation.” Therefore, it would not be easy to maneuver the desired coital posture.
  2. The alignment of penis with the  vaginal canal is must for intromission.
  3. Seeing the pictures of coital postures is stimulating, but their practical performance is not easy.
  4. Most of coital postures shown in books are like acrobatics.

Do different coital postures enhance the pleasure?

Eating ice-cream in sitting, standing, or Shirshasan positions does not improve its taste. Same rule applies here.

Ideal Coital Posture:
  1. Should be easy for complete intromission.
  2. Should be convenient for pelvic movements.
  3. Should be comfortable for both.
  4. Should be giving pleasure for both.
  5. Should be suitable for fertility.
Coital Postures:
There are certain advantages and limitations to every coital posture.
  1. Unconsummation Position : Women keeps her legs straight and wide apart. Man sleeps on top. This is unsuitable for coitus. As alignment is wrong, the semen is spilled on the vulva. This may lead to unconsummation and infertility.
  2. ‘T’ Position: Woman sleeps on cot. She is brought down to the foot end of bed. Man kneels on floor between her two thighs so that he is perpendicular to her. A pillow is kept under his knees to raise his torso. Man can see genitals of both and maneuver the alignment. He holds her thighs to make pelvic movements, and stimulate clitoris simultaneously. Posture suitable for beginners and obese people.
  3. ‘L’ position: Suitable for those who sleep on ground. Women sleep with pillow under her buttocks, separates her thighs apart and bends them towards her belly. Man sits in vajrasan between her thighs, perpendicular to her and moves forwards so that his thighs are under her thighs. This posture is also for beginners and obese persons.
  4. Male superior coital position: Woman sleeps on bed with pillow under her buttocks, separates her thighs wide apart and bends them towards her belly. Man sleeps on her, inserts penis in vagina and makes pelvic movements by embracing her. Because of close contact man gets orgasm faster. Woman is pinned down and devoid of clitoral stimulation. She may not get orgasm in this position.
  5. Knee-elbow Position: Woman supports her body on her knees and elbows. Man kneels behind her.
  6. Training position for Ejaculatory control: Man sleeps on bed with his knees bent and separated. Woman sits between his thighs and extends her legs on the side of his body and stimulates his penis. Used in treatment of premature ejaculation to train the penis for delaying the ejaculation.
  7. Position for female stimulation: Woman sits on bed and separates her thighs. Man sits behind her with his legs outside her. Suitable for stimulation of breasts and clitoris.
  8. Female superior coital posture: Man sleeps on bed. Woman sits on him with her thighs outside his. She inserts penis in vagina and makes sliding movements so that her clitoris is rubbed against his pubis. Woman can have orgasm quicker. Man can last longer. Man is pinned down. Not suitable for fertility.
  9. Lateral Position: Both lie laterally in face-to-face position. Both are free to move. Coital act lasts longer.
After insertion coition lasts for 1-3 min. Simultaneous orgasm of both is not possible. Woman should have orgasm prior to man, during fore play by stimulation of breast and clitoris. This will lubricate vagina and enhance stimulation of penis. If he has orgasm prior to her’s, he loses erection and she remains half way. It is man who initiates activity. Man is interested more in orgasm, while a woman is interested more in foreplay.