Watching Football takes you away from stresses and strain. It can be a perfect stress-buster. 

By watching football with family and friends you experience collective euphoria and joy. Seeing your team win and identifying with its success can enhance your self-esteem and boost your confidence. It also instils a sense of accomplishment. 

Shouting, chanting, screaming, is a healthy way to vent out emotions. Football provides a platform to gossip, communicate and exchange views, which are often known as protective factors in mental well-being.

It also provides people with a reason to meet up regularly, which helps them to maintain strong relationships. In particular, for those who are shy, are from different cultural and social backgrounds, football allows to connect with each other easily. It can also be a good relief for people suffering from social anxiety.

Football as an outdoor sport is even more beneficial physically, and for mental wellbeing as well.