In recent times we are finding higher number of kids are wearing glasses. This is an outcome of better awareness, facilities and earlier eye checkups. This is great as this results in better vision! But we are noting a skew towards a higher percentage of kids getting myopia in cities as compared to rural population all over the world, when equal or similar health facilities are available.

Some are correlating it to higher near activities as while studying, gaming, watching television, computers, tablet mobile phones and all other screens. Most of their time is spent in indoor activities whether at school or home. They are missing out on outdoors fun, the sun and nature. We are finding an increasing incidence of progressively increasing myopia (minus numbers). Our glasses numbers are also highly genetically correlated..i.e family history is often found. We can help our next generation see better by preventing there increasing numbers/glasses... getting a better vision:

1. Regular eye check-up and proper corrections.

2. Healthy ,fresh and nutritious diet, full of green leafy vegetables and yellow fruits (avoid packaged /junk food).

3. Plenty of sunshine as it helps to maintain Vitamin D levels, which are important for healthy macula.

4. Avoid excessive near activities, especially on mobile phone/tablets/computer gaming. The smaller the screen, the higher the strain and higher is the progression in glasses. These things also bring down the creativity, social skills, and often associated with attention deficit, anger and other psychological impacts.

5. Increasing natural antioxidants in there diet,which is found in dark chocolate, blueberries, raspberries and many more.

6. If child is noted with a highly progressing number, discuss with your eye specialist, they may start with eye drops to slow down the progression.

Outdoors ,Sunshine,Healthy diet,& regular checkups with an eye specialist will keep our children seeing clear & bright .Take them away from screens,towards nature & spend time with them !!