While rushing a patient to a hospital, homoeopathy can very well provide all the first-aid and quick-healing in case of emergencies, including road accidents.

At schools, we learn the basics of road safety, and later in our lives, we seem to ignore them more often than following them on the roads. The ever-rising number of accidents and those affected by these accidents is evidence of our ignorant, reckless and careless traffic and road-safety behaviour. According to World Health Organisation data, approximately 1.35 million people lose their lives annually in road accidents. In India, road accident is the eighth leading cause of death in children and young adults. There is one death every four minutes. Children and young adults between the age group of 5-29 years are the most affected by road accidents. 

Pitching homoeopathy into the picture

The obvious reaction of people, including the traffic and emergency assistance, is to rush the road accident victims to the hospital. However, we must not forget the importance of the Golden hour – the time just after the injury where quick and prompt medical treatment can save the life of a person. Thus, if the medical aid can be given on the spot of the accident, the survival and the recovery chances for the patients improve drastically. Homoeopathy can undoubtedly act as an aid in road accidents before the victim reaches a hospital for treatment or surgery. A handy first-aid kit that includes medicines to control bleeding, dressing powders for open wounds and burns, bandages and gauzes is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles under The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Given below are some homoeopathic medicines that must find a place in your first-aid kit for they can be safely consumed in the event of a road accident, at least until the medically supervised treatment is available to the victim.

Bruises and wounds

In case of a bruise or a closed wound, Arnica 30CH is highly helpful. Besides treating wounds and bruises, it will also prevent internal haemorrhage due to head injuries and blunt trauma. Six pills (Globule #30) of Arnica 30CH given half hourly till the victim reaches a hospital will be of great help. Dressing powder for open cuts To disinfect the wound area and to heal the wound, Calendula cream is of utmost help and is readily available. It is most preferred in case of open cuts and lacerated wounds. Complementing Calendula cream, six pills of Ipecac 30CH every 30 minutes for two hours can prevent haemorrhage.

Deep tissue injuries

Bellis-per is another remedy in case of deep tissue injuries. Bellis per 200CH given twice a day even during hospital stay helps early healing of deep wounds.

Dealing with burns

Burns is also a significant factor that people have to deal with, along with blunt traumas and wounds. For burns, Cantharis 30CH should be the first remedy; it not only controls the pain but heals the burn as well. Six pills of Cantharis 30CH every hour after the burn and continuing this for four hours can heal the burns. This should be followed by six pills thrice a day, for one week. Pills can be used along with Cantharis cream/ointment.

Long-term health gain with homoeopathy

Besides providing the immediate relief in case of accidents, some homoeopathic medicines successfully help in preventing the long-term damage to health or aid the healing process after a road accident. For example, Symphytum 30CH can help to heal any type of fracture with a comparatively fast recovery. Three doses of Symphytum 30CH per day for 4 weeks will help in the early callus formation and proper healing of fractures.

Natrum Sulph-200CH is another useful medicine which helps in old head injuries. At times especially after a head injury, people suffer from confusion, memory loss or seizures. This is when eight pills of Natrum Sulph 200CH for one day and continuing this routine for a week, till further doses are prescribed can help ameliorate the symptoms. 

Hypericum 1M is helpful in treating nerve injuries or nerve pains,  loss of or altered the sensory function of the affected area. To remedy this, eight pills of Hypericum 1M for one day and following this for one week can prove to be helpful.   

Homoeopathy helped my patients

While addressing different issues related to road accidents at my clinic, I came across two peculiar cases. A 2-year-old toddler was brought to my clinic after a two-wheeler accident. There were a cut and lacerated wound near his left eye. Being on the face, the wound was bleeding heavily, causing panic among his parents. I cleaned and dressed the wound at my clinic with Calendula cream. The wound was dressed on alternate days, along with the oral doses of Arnica. This course of medication helped relieve the pain, and the wound healed completely.  A 26-year-old man with a history of old head injury in a road traffic accident came to my clinic. He had already undergone two surgeries for the head injury and was suffering from seizures after the head injury. I analysed the case and prescribed Natrum Sulph200 to control seizures. He was assessed for two years at my clinic, and with the regular treatment, he lives a symptom-free life.

As I wish you all a very healthy New Year, let me also assure you that homoeopathy as medicine can help you in many ways to access good healthcare of yourself – be it routine symptoms of a cough and cold to medical emergencies due to road accidents.