• Tonsils are important nodes of our body present in throat and act as barrier to infection and prevent our important organs from sever infections.
  • Tonsillitis is a condition in which tonsils becomes inflamed, painful and sometimes suppurate and prevent our vital organs from further infection and foreign bodies.
  • If we remove tonsils infection will easily enters in to the body and cause serious problems.
  • According to homoeopathy tonsillitis is only due to decrease in immune power  and if we increase it's resistance power, condition will automatically improve and tonsils becomes healthy and fit to fight against infection.

Homoeopathy acts in two steps:

i) Acute remedy like Bell.,Baryta cab,etc in Acute case which improves the condition and
ii) Deep acting or Constitutional remedy  to break the recurrences of disease and for complete cure.
  • Homoeopathy totally depends on Constitution of person.
  • So it is quite good to prefer homoeopathy rather than surgery, as it is the safest mode of treatment.