Diabetes Mellitus in simple words is insufficiency of insulin i.e the insulin produced by the pancreas is not sufficient to perform the normal activities of the body. This may arise because of 1) increased requirement of the body but the pancreas is unable to produce it , example in cases of obesity the body requires a more quantity of insulin 2) impaired production due to damage of the pancreas due to infections ,tumors , cancer of pancreas, genetic defects, auto immunity etc. 3) there is sufficient production but it is not utilized properly because of insulin resistance i.e even if there is normal production the insulin is not utilized by the cellls.4) weakness of the pancreas to produce the sufficient quantity of insulin.Depending on the cause , the type of diabetes is labelled. Homeopathy treats the disease at its root cause by treating the patient constitutionally. A Constitutional simillimum will clear the case.Note : Response to treatment is individualistic. it varies from person to person depending on the cause, the duration of suffering, the complications which have already occurred, the family history etcWhile under homeopathic treatment the medicines of other systems of medicine can also be used.


1) Homeopathy helps in improving the production of insulin and tries to remove the prevalent cause of diabetes.

2) In Case if insulin dependent people the dosage of insulin can be tapered as and when the improvement starts with homeopathic treatment and a day may come where there is no requirement of insulin injection and can be managed with only medicines.

3) Complications like diabetic gangrene, Diabetic foot ulcer, Diabetic Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Retinopathy can be well treated with homeopathic medicines.

4) Use of homeopathic medicines will avoid getting diabetic complications.

5) Homeopathic medicine help in relieving the complaints like dryness of mouth and throat, frequency of urination, excessive weakness, burning of palms and soles etc.