Is a regular follow up required with your doctor Doctor, despite having normal or near normal blood sugar?

This is the most common question asked to me when I go to share my knowledge in any open forum.

Rightly so because all that a patient is taught about Diabetes care is controlling blood sugar. But that is truly half hearted care for Diabetes. Infact, the most common cause of death in a diabetic patient happens because of heart disease and raised blood pressure. So unless you control your blood pressure, cholesterol and make sure that regular retina, foot and neurological exams are done, it is highly likely that despite having normal or near normal blood sugar you may still suffer from one of the complications of diabetes

Also I motivate patients to maintain healthy habits and to carry on with self monitoring of BP, SUGAR at home. Regular follow up makes me catch complications very early. 

Hence a regular follow up is mandatory for a diabetic patient to prevent complications or to catch them early to minimize the damage.