People with diabetes are required to manage their blood sugar levels. So, many diabetic patients watch out for sugar in their diet.

But is that enough? We have a list of foods besides sugar that could be equally harmful for diabetics, because they have a high Glycemic Index(how carbohydrate containing food raises blood sugar). Foods with high Glycemic Index increase blood glucose levels. Also,  an impact on testosterone level in diabetes can be seen. For non-diabetic people, when your blood glucose level rises, your body produces insulin to reduce the increased blood glucose levels. People with diabetes are not able to produce enough insulin to reduce blood sugar levels. As a result of this, its important for them to avoid foods with high Glycemic Index.

So, what are the foods that diabetics must watch out for, besides sugar and sugar based foods? Let’s find out.

1. Dates

It sounds like a healthy fruit, but it has a Glycemic Index of 103 (sugar has a glycemic index of 68!).

2. Corn Flakes

Mistaken to be healthy, this breakfast cereal has a high Glycemic Index of 87. Often, HFCS is used in corn flakes, that has been linked to obesity.

3. White bread

We’ve warned you before about how white bread is your weight loss enemy. Besides having a high Glycemic Index of 73, this food has truly no nutrition besides empty calories.

4. Biscuits/Cookies 

Another food that is often mistaken to be healthy, besides the fact that biscuits can promote weight gain, the primary ingredients are refined flour and sugar, both of which have a high Glycemic Index, so it raises your blood sugar significantly. Definitely a no-no food for diabetics.

5. Packaged fruit juices

The Glycemic Index of most fruits fall into the low or medium category, which is acceptable, but packaged fruit juices are not good for diabetics. Most packaged fruit juices have added sugar. Even without the added sugar, many fruit juices have a high Glycemic Index.