We've told you about how sugar makes you fat. There's new research that shows that besides promoting fat storage in your body, it further adversely affects your body. Read on to find out.

According to a new study, sugar reduces testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone - its what promotes muscle growth (and fat loss), gives you facial and body hair and keeps your sex life crackling! So, a reduction of testosterone means that you could potentially have less muscle, a not so good sexual life, and overall being less manly.

So, is sugar really worth the side effects? We don't think so. We're not saying live without sugar, but find good replacements. A natural sugar replacement is honey. Honey has many health benefits. If you want to go sugar free, use the healthiest sugar substitute. As it contains no simple sugars, sugarcane juice for diabetic patients is very beneficial. 

Indians are genetically prone to diabetes, so manage your sugar intake. It'll keep you healthy!