Dear readers, this is my first post in Practo Health feed. I am a Homoeopath , Psychologist ,Reiki master and Yoga Instructor by profession and my articles would comprise of topics relating to these subjects. 

To begin with I would like to introduce to you all the latest method of drug administration in Homoeopathy, known as as "Drug energy transmission through hair" This method is new and less known. It is a purely scientific method based on Electromagnetic wave theory. I shall be posting a series of articles on this topic explaining everything right from the basics of Homoeopathy , how Homoeopathy works, different potencies, and how medicines are made in Homoeopathy, certain relevant principles of Homoeopathy.

Hoping it would help my readers to understand the working of Homoeopathy to a certain extent and that it is not "Psychological medicine" or "Placebo effect medicine" , but a Scientific method with fixed principles and proven medicines.