Acne is one of the major problems of the young population of many countries. It is a long-term skin disease that occurs due to various reasons out of which major is believed to hereditary and lifestyle disorders. Acne is brought on by testosterone hormone that is why it is most common during puberty. This causes an appearance of anxiety and low self-esteem in many cases.

Acne is of different types, among them, some are easily cured and some require time.


Few lifestyle modifications are necessary for getting rid of acne out of them some are:  

  • Have 8 –10 glasses of water regularly.    
  • Avoid fast food
  • Wash face at regular intervals especially after coming from outside
  • Use sunscreen
  • Don’t frequently change cosmetic products   
  • Avoiding Cigarette smoking and alcohol intake

Homoeopathic approach:

Homoeopathy has got excellent results in acne and that too without any side effects. Homoeopathy does not treat the disease but the person as a whole so medicines differ from patient to patient.

Homoeopathic medicines and their indications:

Homoeopathy has got a good number of medicines for acne when it is given with proper indication.

  1. Kali Bromatum: It is an excellent remedy for acne, pustules, itching, acne which leaves an ugly scar.
  2. Natrum Muraticum: It is a constitutional remedy. Persons are thin, with oily skin, with intolerance to sun exposure, generally constipated.
  3. Pulsatilla Nigricans: Again a very good remedy for acne. Discharge is bland. Females are generally covered by this medicine, persons are thirstless with desire for fatty foods, who are of mild and gentle nature, weeps easily and very importantly have problems in periods since menarche. 
  4. Hepar Sulph: Extremely painful acne, very sensitive to even touch, the person is very chilly.
  5. Calcarea Sulph: It is mainly for pustules with yellow pus, the person have profuse sweating.
  6. Silicea: It is one of the best remedies for acne with pus. It is very efficient to promote discharge, the person is chilly, sweating in palms and soles.
  7. Sulphur: It is for acne with an itch. A person having unhealthy skin has a history of suppressed skin diseases and often skin symptoms aggravate after bathing.
  8. Nuxvomica: It is often beneficial in acne with gastric disturbances and in people with lifestyle disorders.
  9. Berberisaquafolia: It is generally indicated in many types of acne which leaves scars. Its external applications remove many marks and hyperpigmentations.
  10. Bovista: Acne due to cosmetic allergy.   

These are in general medicines indicated in acne. But complicated cases require constitutional treatment. For successful treatment, self-medication is always contra-indicated. Always consult a homoeopathic physician before taking any of the medicines as its best indication lies with the physician.