The thyroid gland is a bit of an enigma. Although the textbook descriptions are quite clear, it is not unusual to see some­one who looks to have an over-active thyroid yet who, on testing, is found to be hypothyroid and vice versa. In addi­tion, one often sees someone who has been diagnosed as being under-active and who has been prescribed ever-increasing doses of Levothyroxine, yet derives no symptomatic benefit. They may have been told that the thyroid is functioning in the normal range, yet they still have symptoms of fatigue, high cholesterol and are still clearly out of balance.

The aim of homeopathic treatment is to stimulate the body’s homeostatic or inner self-balancing mechanisms. In order to do this, the individual ideally needs to be given the simillimum, the right remedy for them at that moment in time. Theoretically, that means that the right remedy could be one out of sev­eral thousand. In practice, however, we find that there is a manageable num­ber of remedies that have propensity to help the thyroid and the ones men­tioned have all been found of value in my practice. Interestingly, the same remedies can sometimes be indicated in situations of both over-activity and under-activity. It is the individual that is being treated, rather than the condition.

Let me describe a patient x’s case, because I think it illustrates the enigma of the thyroid, especially upon treat­ment. This woman is 45 years old. She consulted me after a two-year history of ill health, which had started with rapid weight loss and irritability. She had been diagnosed with thyro­toxicosis and had treatment with the anti-thyroid drug. This and other drugs had failed and she then had thyroid surgery, with initial improvement, which was then followed by weight gain, loss of energy and the subsequent diagnosis of hypo­thyroidism. Then followed a period of slowly escalating dosage of thyroxine, but without any marked improvement. By the time she came to see me, she was two stones overweight, irritable, subject to numerous allergies and with a marked suspiciousness bordering on the para­noid. She felt that she would never get well again.

According to all her symptoms, a combination of homeopathy drugs was prescribed to her. This she was given at monthly intervals, with immediate improvement in her emotional state. She became motivated to lose her excess weight and was able to do so. Most importantly, she was gradually able to reduce her Levo­thyroxine dosage to a minimal level.

Later after the course of treatment continued for a year, the symptoms of her disease were totally gone she was now on homeopathy with no other medication. After continuing homeopathic treatment for 8 months or so, homeopathy medicines were also reduced to null. Today Mrs. X lives a normal life like all of us being treated for Hypothyroidism totally and permanently.