This enterprising healthcare fraternity seem crossing frontiers and advancing globally in terms of public demand, scope of treatment in chronic difficult diseases and at the same time setting new standards of patient safety in terms of safe medicines which do wonders. 

Homeopathy medicines in the light of new age research seem to carry nano-particles in ultra-dilutions challenging avagadro limits and stimulate curative changes in the diseases, even to the extend of altering gene expressions from recent research advances by renowned molecular biologist Dr Khuda Bukhsh who is into three decades of research at Kolakata, India. 

Dr Buksh is only one among the many scientists working on Homeopathy, the others from world over being from high dilution research, molecular biology, nanotechnology, cell-line studies, in-vitro studies, homeo-prophylaxis, pathogenic trials etc . The World Homeopathy Summit in April 2015 by a new non-profit NGO that emerged in India  named GHF - Global Homeopathy Foundation had brought out presentations of 26 research papers from scientists across 9 countries which were carried world over bby the Indian and global media where a new phase of Homeopathy was revealed globally to the patients and the scientific community.

The confirmation of presence of nanoparticles or quantum dots in potentized ultra dilutions of Homeopathy openly challenged the avagadro limits opening up new doors into nanopharmacology related to Homeopathy. The papers furthered into early evidence of the possibility of alternations of gene expressions and the epigenetic changes at the genomic levels by the quantum dots which can pervade across the subcellular levels where the conventional drugs act at the molecular levels. This opens up Homeopathy and it's scope into the future of Internal medicine, keeping the ideals of patient safety in total priority when compared to devastating effects of conventional medicines worrying everyone.

The scope of Homeopathy has been largely proven by thousands of clinical studies in almost all the specialties including Allergies of all kinds, Auto-immune diseases, Psychatric illnesses, Gastro diseases, Renal, Neurologic, Lifestyle diseases, Psycho-somatic diseases, Skin diseases etc. in various countries at NGO and Government levels. In India the Central Council of Research in Homeopathy CCRH has emerged with an array of research works over the past few decades.

Homoeopathy has had an impact on the per-capita health expenditure in pro-homoeopathic countries where it is well evolved, like in India, France, Belgium etc. In India we have a well evolved Ministry of AYUSH with Homoeopathy as an integral part under a union minister with extensive reach out of national rural health mission as peripheral Homoeopathic clinics apart from state facilities at private and government sector.

Today India is the seat of Homeopathy with the largest mass of Homeopaths across the country and the government patronage at its highest across the world. The new dimensions of healthcare like tele-medicine and Helath Tourism in Homeopathy was launched for the first time by us at RM Homeopathy, facilitating pioneerign changes in the fraternity. This is apart from our expertise in the wide range of specialities including Allergy & asthma, Gastro & Piles, Male and Female Infertility, Migraine, Neurologic diseases, Psychiatry, counselling and Psychotherapy, Female disorders and Arthiritis.

Dr Sreevals G Menon MD 
Founder & Managing Trustee, Global Homeopathy Foundation - GHF
Chief Consultant, RM Homeopathy Group, Kozhikode, Kerala
Senior Consultant, Active Wellness Clinics, Koramangala, Bangalore
Founder, Director & Senior Consultant, AIHMS Homeopathy MultiSpecialty Clinics, Kerala
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