Sinusitis is infection of the sinuses.

What are Sinuses? Sinuses are air filled bony cavities in the face surrounding the nose and eyes .They reduce the weight of the head and also humidifies the nose thereby helping in moisturising the Air we breathe.

How does Sinusitis occur? Normally all my sinuses drain into the nose through small openings. When there is block to this flow, the watery nasal discharge gets stagnated leading to infection.This often happens in patients with allergic rhinitisSo how do you treat this or how do you prevent this?First and foremost is avoiding situations where you will get allergic rhinitis. Do simple home remedies like steam inhalation at home.Whenever you get allergy, try to prevent further escalation of the disease by using nasal sprays. Sometimes you will have to take antihistamine tablets.If the above measures are not effective, do not hesitate to consult an ENT surgeon