Headaches are the most common issue that we hear everyone talk about today. Whether it is an anxiety headache, stress headache, tension headache or just about any other headache, it can get annoying and get in the way of our daily routine. 

Moreover, tension headaches and migraines are common in cold weather. One may experience severe migraines in winter due to dry air and indoor heating systems that cause you to dehydrate much quicker than usual. This means you have to take extra care in the cold season.

But hey, before popping in aspirins or disprins, let's re-discover the benefits of using five of grandma's age old recipes that bring about holistic relief from the slithering pains!

Here's the list:

1. Try the caffeine fix

Drinking a cup of coffee since times immemorial has been spoken off with high decree in treating mild to severe headaches and migraines. With the constant expansion and contraction of blood vessels in the body, sinusitis and migraines get worse and the nerves are pressed upon. It is here that brewing a quick cup of coffee is known to reduce blood-vessel swelling tremendously, thus giving a huge relief from headaches. No wonder, this miracle ingredient is found in some painkillers too, such as Excedrin.

2. Compress- hot and cold

Cold and hot compresses at home when done right would help relax the blood vessels and the nerves from further constriction, contraction and expansion. Cold compresses constrict the blood vessels while warm compresses help with the expansion, reliving the body from throbbing pains and aches. Cold compresses can be made from frozen packs of peas or ice, and warm compresses are done with the help of warm cloth presses.

3. The humble ginger

Prostaglandin synthesis are tiny chemical messengers that help influence the concept of bio processes in the body- alert neurons to let them know of the pains and inflammation as well. Instead of combating the throbbing aches and pains with an aspirin, ginger has been known to inhibit the painful sensations, as studied and researched. Natural and holistic by nature, nausea can be quelled and with a hot cup of ginger tea, plenty of relaxation and relief can be attained too!

4. Drink plenty of water

Yes, you heard us right there. While water is known to flush toxins and waste, and also is an effective way to lose weight. 10 glasses of water a day can save the body from dehydration and provide relief from migraines too. Sipping enough water through the day causes good hydration of the body, and it is a remedy that most holistic experts swear by.

5. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps lose weight, which we know off, but did you know it could provide enough relief from throbbing aches, inflammation, pains and migraines too? From hay fever to scurvy, migraines to sinuses and more, a cup of Apple cider vinegar (ACV) when used as steam and vapour opens up the nostrils and de-congests the system. Place a cup of Apple cider vinegar (ACV) in three cups of cold water (1:3) and bring it to a lukewarm boil. Inhale the vapours and watch how the pain subsides in minutes.

So, these were five home remedies for relief from the pesky headaches, sinuses and migraines - quick and safe to use for sure!

However, if the pains and inflammation persists for more than a day and you find no relief as such, there could be other issues underlying to think of and combat. In such a case, you can immediately consult a General Physician on Practo.