Uric Acid is an important metabolite of our system which is constantly being produced, recycled and excreted from our system. It is a byproduct of Purines which is excreted by our kidneys. Considered as a waste product, it still serves as an antioxidant for our brain cells and even helps to maintain blood pressure. 

There has been a lot of debate for high uric acid levels and whether they need treatment or not? If yes, then for how long?? High uric acid is known to trigger attacks on the joint which is known as GOUT. It is very common in males and the most common sites of involvement is the Big Toe. Typical attacks which we call them are in the morning hours with severe redness and pain causing difficulty in movement as well. Before you start treatment for it, it is important to figure out what triggered it? High uric acid is usually seen in red meat, sea food, soft drinks and alcohol. But sometimes it is not only the food but there is a defect in our genes especially when you see Gout attacks in young individuals (20-40). It usually accompanies high blood pressure, raised blood sugar, deranged cholesterol levels and fatty liver. 

Uric acid although has an anti oxidant property, it is not so useful in our body especially when the levels are hovering quite high. So the question that arises now is - When do you start treatment? And for how long? 

1. Well firstly I would say people with uric acid need to get their Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Blood Cholesterol levels checked to make sure there are no other metabolic disturbances. 

2. Just high uric acid levels( around 7-8) without any symptoms don't need much treatment. Lot of individuals with big built tend to have a high uric acid. They should be careful with their Diet to keep the levels at the same range that is avoid high uric acid foods and consume foods which help filter out uric acid.

3. The most dreaded complication of high uric acid is GOUT as repeated attacks on the same joint can eventually damage those joints leading to chronic pain. So even 1 attack needs urgent attention with a Rheumatologist to prevent further attacks and evaluate the underlying cause for the same

So, don't ignore rising levels of uric acid. Make sure you figure out why it is high. Just to conclude: Young females don't get Gout attacks. So if they are getting any joint swelling, the reason could be something different.