In India , Osteoarthritis is the most frequently occurring joint disease. Prevalence of arthritis of the knee is 45.23% with females more affected than males.

Though there is a significant increase in Knee replacement surgeries , but factors such as obesity , high blood sugar levels , age etc. sometimes cause hindrance in going for the procedure.

Moreover , non invasive procedures gives a person better chances of recovery.

In osteoarthritis of the knee joint , before the onset of intense pain and immobility , the person always demonstrates slight swelling and stiffness in the early stages. By early stage I actually mean even 10-15 years prior to the present status of intense pain and immobility.

Do you know!!!! Cartilaginous changes in a human body occurs in the early never had the slightest idea about it I bet!!! 

But it all depends on the way we keep up with our physical fitness..

Both overwork and non use are harmful...overwork leads to faster degeneration and non use or leading a sedentary leads to faster decrease in bone density , weight gain etc.

So now whats the solution??? 

Lets see a Physio's perspective..

  • When you notice early signs of arthritis like stiffness , swelling etc..visit a Physiotherapist as soon as possible.
  • A physical therapist is well versed with the physiological and anatomical working of the body with which he/she will carry out a detailed examination of your knee with various physical parameters.
  • A physical therapist will prescribe with a set of exercises according to your body type which will work on increasing your muscle strength of the hip , knee , ankle and foot as in arthritis of the knee joint none of the above can be isolated.
  • Your exercises would include isometrics , isotonics , stretching and also gait training if need be.

Some of you might have got a thought that what if we have reached a stage where the pain has set in..will physical therapy help in that case??? THE ANSWER IS YES..

In such a scenario a physical therapist will do pain management as well as the protocol mentioned above. Research has proven that this helps in people with severe arthritis too and also helps in maintaining a pain free life. 

Though physical therapy is a longer procedure but it has no side effects and also helpful in people who are not suitable for surgery. Physical therapy improves quality of life non invasively. 

Lets ' move the Physio way...