Every woman has a dream to become “Mother”.  It is a special feeling and these feelings cannot be expressed. But there are some women who tried but not able to conceive. So after looking at these things science and government came up with new ideas like Adoption Or Surrogacy, etc. But why go for this when you can have your own baby. You just need a little change in your own lifestyle or say a little care that’s it.

Here I have mentioned some tips and guidance to take care or to follow for future pregnancy:

  • Weight: Every woman is conscious of her weight but somehow our lifestyle makes us Overweight or Underweight. These Two Over and Underweight are the big problem as both won't help you for normal fertility. Example: If you are overweight excess fats can lead to overproduction of hormones... wherein on other hand Underweight females produce least fats so fewer hormones. In short, both overweight and underweight imbalance hormones which can lead to problems like PCOS, PCOD, OVULATION PROBLEM etc. Try to exercise like Brisk walking, jogging, Aerobics, Yoga (its best for stress). 
  • Quit Smoking: In today's time, the stress level is so high people tends to smoke and drink for every small reason. And if we look around the world there are 1billion women smokers. Try to give up smoking it would be best for you and your future baby.. Because due to smoking baby growth is impaired. Tobacco has many Multiple negative effects on Fertility like Irregularities in hormones system. Try to quit smoking. 
  • Avoid Alcohol: The effects of Alcohol on fertility are greater than you may think. Even the intensity of taking Alcohol lower fertility. We all know heavy drinkers have a greater risk for all sort of health problems. Drinking Alcohol around the time of ovulation lowers your chance of successful conception. Some impact of alcohol on fertility are delayed or absent of period (menses) , reduced ovarian weight, lower hormones, birth defects etc. So try to avoid Alcohol, if not go for medical help, consult a doctor for this. 
  • Stress: Try to avoid it. There are many reasons for stress like a death in the family, fried from job, Sedentary lifestyle Etc. Unhealthy habits affect when it comes to fertility. Try reducing stress as much as possible.. If not able to cope up go these things will surely help you.AcupunctureMassage Staying active playing outdoor games. Engage in yoga Attending counseling therapy 
  • Limit Caffeine: We all love Coffee / Tea right but do we know the limits of consuming it. How it harms us. It is said that women consuming high limit of Caffeine during pregnancy actually delivering a low birth weight baby. Also, Every 100mg  of caffeine also increased the length of the pregnancy by 5hours.  So try to avoid caffeine. 
  • Food and Diet: Try to follow a healthy diet. A good diet makes a good healthy body.. go for green ya green like green leafy (fenugreek , spinach)  whole grains, eggs, legumes, meat,  fish(fish oil supplement),. Get more proteins from plants food like Beans and less from red meat. Plant protein( beans, nuts, seeds, and tofu)  consume 1 or 2 servings a day of whole milk or other full-fat dairy foods like yogurt and less low fat – dairy. Take multivitamins on daily basis that contains at least 400micrograms of folic acid and 40-80mg of iron. Go for  seafood like Shrimp, tuna, salmon. 
  • Fast-food and artificial sweeteners:  who doesn’t love fast food. It's hardly 1% of people who say they don’t. But there is a limit for everything if anything exceeds its limit definitely going to harm you. Same fast food and artificial sweeteners hurts women’s chances of getting pregnant, increase infertility. Study says women who eat less fruit and more fast food are less likely to conceive within a year more likely to experience infertility. Artificial sweetened soda, drinks, canned juice leads to infertility As these all contains Aspartame. 

As Sperms and female reproductive (ovum) being cells have 90% chances of dying when Aspartame is consumed in excess. It is advised by many experts and doctors to avoid it. Things to follow for fertility and for better future pregnancy:

A) Maintain weight

B) Maintain a healthy diet 

C) Exercise/Yoga

D) Have a good sleep 

E) Be stress-free