In Holistic healing it is believed that since our whole body and mind are interconnected, treatment should be given keeping in mind the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.The Brain is constantly changing, learning and evolving.

The human brain can change its own structure and function:

1. With thought and experience  

2. Turning its own genes to change its circuitry

3. Reorganize itself and change its operation

Neurological shifts are required to overcome:

Depression, Phobias, Generalized anxiety disorders, Attention and Concentration issues, Memory Enhancement, Anxiety, Insomnia, Management and Enhancement of Performance, Improving Communication skills, Obsessive-compulsive behaviour, OCD, Post-traumatic stress disorder( PTSD). The traumatization is embedded, we are often at a loss to understand why our thoughts, feelings and even physical bodies behave the way they do. 

Benefits of Holistic Therapies 

 1. Cures suffering, arising from trauma

 2. It is rapid 

3. It has no side effects

4. It can be self-applied/administered

5. It uses touch and other sensory input as one of its primary therapeutic tools

6. Touch produces a change

7. Involves no medication

8. Counselling beyond words (no talking)

9. Any prolonged exposure to the original traumatizing event.

10. Watch pain appear instantly.

11. Resolve Psychological problems 

12. Disturbing memories fade into past replaced by positive pleasurable present and future. 

Some examples of the Holistic Therapies:

Trauma Tapping Technique

Literally is used for tapping on acupressure points, after recalling an emotional event.  It produces a remarkable relief for both psychological and physical problems. Encoding memories that produce abnormal behaviour, thought and emotions, feelings can be altered. Response to the memory of the event will change forever. A history of the unresolved highly emotional event makes the diagnosis of a trauma-related disorder more successful. The Goal is to help the individual to understand the origin of his/her feelings and reframe them so that they are no longer distressful.

We miss the opportunity to use –Touch, See, Hear, Taste and Smell – to make us happier, healthier and calmer. I am convinced that therapies such as – Trauma Tapping, Havening Techniques, Foot reflexology, Biofeedback, Neuro-feedback, Bio-guided Music Therapy, Hypnotherapy open new methods of healing. With practice, individuals can learn to heal their mind and body in a holistic and healthy way.