November is here & so is Diwali!

Diwali is usually inundated with loud crackers and a lot of sweets. So, it is very important to set a limit and keep yourself free from unhealthy activities to celebrate the festival without compromising your health. This year, with the pandemic still on, it is even more important to keep your health as first priority.

Enjoy healthy wali Diwali with these simple tips:

  • Stay hydrated with lots of water, it keeps you hydrated and prevents unnecessary snacking and food cravings. You also can add smoothies, coconut water, lime water, fresh juices, and buttermilk to your diet.
  • Start your day well with a nutritious breakfast, full of protein, fiber, and vitamins. 
  • Have small frequent meals a day. Eating a heavy meal and alcohol slows down the metabolism. Avoid this by eating light throughout the day, so you end up consuming fewer calories.
  • Moderation is the key. Most people tend to binge on food during festivals. It can also be difficult to avoid sweets completely, considering relatives or friends are sending invitations for get-togethers. Take care of your portion size.
  • Limit the intake of spicy and fried foods. Although you must be hosting fewer people at home, go for healthier cooking methods like grilling and baking, instead of frying the food.
  • Avoid overindulgence in sugary and oily/ fried delicacies to keep acidity and indigestion at bay. However, we can include a lot of fresh fruits in our diet during and after Diwali. Home-made sweets are the best. You can add organic jaggery or honey as a refined sugar substitute. Choose ingredients that are low in fat and sugar content so that the end-product is healthy. Also, if you are buying sweets from the market, you can choose either sugar-free or fat-free.
  • Limit alcoholic beverages. For men no more than 2 small packs of alcoholic drinks because they contain more calories. Women should limit their intake to 1 medium drink.
  • Don’t neglect your beauty sleep. Getting enough sleep before and after is really important and will help you to keep both your body and mind at peace.
  • Don’t forget any festival can be celebrated and enjoyed only when you are fit and healthy. So, don’t forget to exercise daily even during the festival for overall better health.
  • For Diwali gift your parents/ loved ones - a small healthy gift like give full body check-up. You can also choose healthy nuts and dried fruits over sweets and other unhealthy snacks to gift your close relatives and friends.
  • Lastly, let's not forget that the COVID-19 pandemic is still around. It's best to keep celebrations low and avoid stepping out too much or meeting too many people. Make sure to wear a mask and carry a hand sanitizer in case you plan to meet friends and family.

Stay safe, celebrate safe!