Q.Does the implanted hair continue growing ?

The implanted hair continues to grow all the patient’s life and it can be treated like natural hair for all purposes – haircuts, shaving,dyeing etc.

Q.Is the hair transplant always successful ?

As long as the patient carries out the doctor’s instructions, the transplant will always be successful, and in most instances it is impossible to tell that the patient had undergone a hair transplant.

Q.Is a hair transplant a complicated operation ?

The hair transplant is minor procedure . At the conclusion of the transplant , the patient is free to go home, also can drive and return to activity a day later.

Q.Is the hair transplantation a painful procedure ?

The transplant is conducted under a local anaesthesia, afterwards the patient does not feel any pain, can watch a movie, listen to music and relax.

Q.What are the side effects of hair transplantation ? 

There is no long lasting side effects. In particular cases mild swelling, itching or discomfort can be there which resolves in 24-48 hours.