Hair fall leads to recording hairlines and baldness which adds years to a person's appearance. Shying away from social exposure decreased self-confidence and feeling at a disadvantage while dating or for matrimony are common fallouts. Hair loss is even more distress in females who are traditionally accustomed to a full head of lustrous luxuriant hair.Hair Transplantation is the only procedure which restores lost hair as well as the natural, youthful appearance, but only when by the right person.

Hair Restoration Treatment:

1. Hair Transplant

2. FUT

3. FUE

4. Mesotherapy

5. Hair Growth Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

6. PRP injections


1. Daycare procedure

2. Done under local anaesthesia

3. Return to daily routine activity the next day

4. Transplanted hair last lifelong 


1. Male Baldness

2. Female Baldness

3.  Absent hair in post in burns scars

4. Absent hair in post-trauma scars

5. Sparse or absence hair in eyebrows, eyelashes; Sparse beard and moustache

6. Post-chemotherapy hair loss

7. Post-infection scarring hair loss