Hair transplantation is a tactful procedure for transferring normal hair from external side. Irrespective of all genders this awesome treatment fully eradicates baldness which is medically called alopecia. Instead of preventing baldness, hair transplantation can rectify lost hair due to burn or trauma and can give attractive shape of eyebrows. In this therapy two sites plays important role simultaneously- donor site and recipient site.

Steps of Hair Transplant:

Categorically hair is transplanted in two ways like FUE and FUT. Very interestingly hairs are grafted from the donor’s permanent zones. Before developing the FUE and FUT it should be known what the permanent zones are? Basically the back and two sides of the head are such places from where hairs never shed out and remain throughout the lifespan.

FUE: FUE is the abbreviated form of Follicular Unit Extraction. It is the modern procedure of hair transplantation in where automated drilling machine is applied for grafting each hair follicle. Comparing to other hair restoration method FUE is quite fast and less painful technique. A small needle like scalpel is used to perforate the follicular regions. After accomplishing FUE both the donor and recipient don’t face visible scars or polka dots like spots.

FUT: The full form of FUT is Follicular Unit Transplantation. It is quite older technique than FUE. In this method, a small strip of hair is cut out from permanent region. Though it is old method but FUT provides natural looks by curing thinning hair problem. So FUT is perfect and successful hair transplantation therapy for women without creating any visible scars.

Advantages of Hair Transplant:

As a whole hair transplantations like FUE and FUT provide lots of benefits. Once done, baldness never gets scope to occupy the head and patients enjoy the dense hair.