There are many reasons
for hair fall / whiting and graying  i.
E. Heredity, hormones imbalance and fungal infections (scalp infections), few medicine's
side effects i. E. Cancer medicines, arthritis, heart, high, b. P, birth
control pills, high intake vitamin a medicine, depression/ stress, radiations'
side effects, weak immune system. 

There are few tests for hair fall i. E. Hormones
tests, pull tests, scalp biopsy.

There are few treatments i. E. Medicines,
hormones therapy, laser therapy.

Wings and hair transplant for baldness.
Always used Indus
valley dandurf  shampoo
. it contains
alovera also. Its ph level is 5.5.

It helps to remove danduruf,
itch, and dryness at sourse it increase scalp’s natural resistance and strength
hair from root to top and hair become soft and silky. if you are satisfied then consult to us.