Everyday we juggle in reducing our weight but most of the time end up with disappointment. Instead of taking stress, one should keep a note on individual habits. There are some common habits which actually makes us fat.

Let’s see how:

  1. Dining out too often
    Frequent outside food actually ends up in high calories intake. Try to restrict yourself to homemade fresh food.

  2. No time to exercise
    Exercise and diet goes hand in hand. If you are not burning those extra calories, you will end up storing unhealthy fat. Go for exercise at least 5 days a week.

  • You eat off large plates
    Serve normal portions on your plate. Never take too much on the plate. If you fill your plate with huge portions, you will unnecessary eat more and end up getting unwanted fat in the body.

  • You eat too quickly
    Eating too fast can disturb your digestive system  which will make you feel bloated and constipated. Take your time and chew your meals thoroughly in order to be healthy.

  • Snacking late night
    Many of the unhealthy habits at night make you fat. Out of which one is snacking at night. You always grab the leftovers or something processed like chips when you snack late. Which ultimately puts you on the edge of weight gain.If you feel hungry, grab something healthier like a fruit.

  • Skipping breakfast
    That's a big mistake, because you've fasted overnight. Your body needs fuel, and your metabolism needs to be jump-started with food. It is the most important meal of the day, so never skip it.

  • Drinking without thinking
    Beer, alcohol, wine, soft drinks -- they all go down easy. But the calories can really add up. Grab more healthier options instead of these beverages.
  • Some more habits to watch out for:

    1. You watch tv while eating
      Watching tv and eating will always make you eat more. To be on the safer side, try to avoid watching tv while eating.

    1. Bad cooking methods
      Avoid unhealthy cooking methods like frying. Try some healthier options such as steaming, boiling, roasting.

    1. You don’t drink enough water
      Adequate water intake is essential for all your bodily functions, and the more you drink, the better your chances are at staying thin. Drinking water boosts your metabolism and removes toxins from your body.

    1. You eat when you are upset (emotional outbreaks)

    If you feel the urge to eat in response to stress, try chewing a piece of gum, chugging a glass of water, or taking a walk around the block. Create an automatic response that doesn't involve food and you'll prevent yourself from an overload of calories.