May it be gutka, kharra or any pan – masala, even smoking – all these dreadful addictions to male, female, children or aged persons all lead to the threshold of death. The whole world has now come to realise through various studies, that these tobacco –co-products eat away the whole human body from inside. 

How alarmingly dangerous is this habit of chewing gutka, kharra or pan-masala, can be seen from the following examples.

Yashodeep - Hardly fourteen years in age, but hot tea or milk burns his pallet. Even chilly and spicy food brings tears in his eyes. this is all because of addiction of gutka.

Maina Bai – living on the meagre income as a house-maid, spends Rs 10/- on gutka daily. Her jaws are half –jammed. She can not open her mouth completely due to this addiction and she is unable to eat mouthful. Doctors advised her to stop chewing gutka, but she is so addicted that without gutka in the mouth, her limbs refuse to move and mind stops working. Due to Fibrotic changes, she cannot eat whole some food which has undernourished her and increased weakness.        

Nitin Parekh – a bullion trader of 45 years, his mouth is always filled with pan-masala. His teeth have become red-yellow and stink with strong pan – masala odour. When government of Maharashtra banned gutka pan-masala, he managed to import tins of gutka pan-masala from adjoining state of M.P. Ban on these items could not stop anything. Ulcers formed on the inner lining of the mouth, corner of his lips and the pallet. It was difficult for him to fully open his mouth. When glandular swelling started to appear on the neck, medical examination was conducted and the doctor diagnosed cancer. The dreaded disease cancer had it’s toll, he quit chewing gutka, but by then everything was over.

A mixture of betel nut, lime and tobacco, called mawa or gutka or kharra give it any name, all have the same adverse result. These co-products of tobacco are very much in demand now-a-days. Small school going children with mouth full of kharra or even a cigar or bidi in the mouth can be seen easily. Something they probably have picked up seeing cinema. The wish to imitate the hero in the films. Even the grown –ups are not free from this misadventure. Ladies are also seen addicted to gutka or kharra. More number of women are getting addicted to these habits . The quantity of sub mucus –fibrosis patients is increasing day by day. This is being termed as a national - disease.

In this ailment small eruptions occur in the inner lining of the mouth which later on develops in ulcers. Sub mucus fibrosis is a pre cancerous condition of the mouth, which weakens the whole body. This disease begins with reddening of the inner mucosa of the cheeks, lips and pallet, which later on erupts in the from of ulcers. No pain is felt in the early stages, but it does not get cleaned up how-so-ever one may try. It is called leukoplakia. Slowly it develops in ulcer and spreads throughout the mouth. It effects the fibrous tissues of jaws, after few days a white membrane is formed which is very sensitive and creates burning sensation in the mouth. Those affected with this disease can not dare to keep any thing hot or spicy in the mouth. 

Continuos formation of ulcer create thick fiber on the inner skin which makes opening of the mouth difficult while eating food. As this pain grows more and more, the Eustachian tubes of ears also get hardened which impairs hearing, voice quality is thinned. 

If treatment is not taken in time, it can turn the disease to cancer of the mouth (oral cancer) chewing large amount of betel – nut, mawa , gutka, kharra or pan-masala are the main reasons for cancer of the mouth. Iron deficiency in the body, insufficient vitamins and B-Complex can also cause leukoplakia, even without the addiction of tobacco –products. Insufficient vitamins and bio-enhancers combined with unbalanced diet can also cause this disease.    

The element arkotine contained in the betel nut enhances fibroblast which increases the quantity of collagen and causes hardening of fibroses fissure in the mouth.

If untreated at this stage possibility of turning into cancer is more prevalent. Patients are asked to apply steroidal ointment and injected with the same, this weakens the intensity of the disease. During and after treatment, chewing of betel nut and use of any tobacco-co-product is completely and essentially banned. 

In homeopathy, many effective and beneficial medicines are available for this disease. Entire opening of the mouth is possible by homeopathic treatment, and the burning sensation in the mouth while eating food-also gets relived however in order to get rid of this disease, a complete ban on betel nut and tobacco-co-products is absolutely essential.

Dr. Sanjay Tambe

MD - Homeopathy , FNAHI , PGNAHI

Homeopathic Doctor

31 Years Experience