With the various options available on the internet, choosing a doctor has become more difficult. Most of us are price driven while choosing one, but is it worth taking the risk? Would you want your body to be an experimental element to someone not authorized to perform the procedure? Here are a few points which will help you in choosing the best doctor for yourself. 


When internet has become a boom today, why not put it to good use? Read well about your operating surgeon’s qualifications and skills before even you book a consultation appointment. Hair transplant is an extremely technique sensitive procedure which when done with the right surgical still will make your experience pleasant or will make it a bitter experience for a lifetime. 


Your surgeons' experience plays an important role as it differentiates his ability to handle various cases & complications if any. The experience of your surgeon should not be counted on his age or the numbers of years he has been in this field but on the number of cases done by him. 


 The fees you will be paying for your consultation is just a small amount for the education that will literally change your life, one way or the other, especially when you are already willing to pay a larger amount for hair restoration. This appointment is extremely valuable as you will be having your first interaction with your surgeon. A detailed assessment of your present hair condition, history of hair loss, dietary & lifestyle habits will all be assessed by the surgeon to give you not only a detailed treatment requirement but also any changes necessary to prevent further hair problems. Your treatment will also be discussed with details pertaining to the procedural options, techniques that will be carried out. Discuss if you are suffering from any medical conditions with your doctor during the appointment. This appointment also gives you a chance to bond with your surgeon & the staff so that you are more comfortable with your treatment. 

At the end of the consultation, you should be highly confident about the surgeon, the staff & the procedure. 


Patients who have had an experience with the doctor are the best people to guide you about your expected experience of the procedure, doctor as well as the results. Due to confidentiality reasons giving away the contact details will not be possible, but however, you can request for an opportunity to speak or meet one such patient in the hospital itself.


The approachability & cautiousness of the clinic staff goes a long way not only during your surgical procedure but also during your follow up. A happy & ready to help staff shows not only the good nature of the doctor but also the willingness to help anyone who walks in through that door. Walking into a practice where all the staff know their duties is clear indication that the practice has been running well everyone working there is well experienced& informed about their job responsibilities.