PRP is a new therapy in the field of medicine. Our blood contains certain cells known as platelets. These constitute about 1% of all the blood cells. Platelets have abundant growth factors. These can stimulate growth of any tissue in the human body when used in adequate numbers. In the past PRP has been used in various medical fields. It is routinely used by orthopedic surgeons as a bone glue in cases where bones are not joining. In Dentistry it is being used to fix teeth with gums. Recently PRP has been used in Dermatology. 


In Dermatology PRP is mainly used in tacking hair loss. About 20 ml of blood is collected. It is then transferred to citrate or EDTA vials and sent to Centrifuge machine. The centrifuge can be done is a single stage or 2 stages. 2 stage PRP gives a higher yield of platelets and thus better results. In the first stage red blood cells are separated from remaining plasma is separated. In the second step the plasma is again centrifuged so that the all the platelets are collected in the bottom creating platelet rich plasma. The top part contains platelet poor plasma. Thus 2 vials are created having the PRP and the platelet poor plasma.    

Once PRP is prepared  the area is made numb with the help of anesthesia. There on the procedure is painless.The PRP is injected into the roots of the hair. This is important because all the growth of the hair occurs at the roots. Thus whatever therapy is done, it should reach the roots of the hair. The total procedure takes about 2 hours to finish. After the procedure it is advisable not to wash the head for the same day so that the whole of PRP can get absorbed. From next day all normal activities can be started. 

How many sessions are required ?

 Initially monthly sessions are required for 3-4 months.After that maintenance sessions are required at 2-3 monthly intervals.  

 Are there any side effects?

 Since PRP is produced from one's own blood it is absolutely safe without any side effects. 

What are the other uses of PRP? 

PRP can be used for getting glow on face. It can also be used to treat acne scars, under eye hollowness and for skin rejuvenation. 


The cost varies from center to center. Typically it costs around Rs 5,000 to 7,000 for a single session.