India was certified polio free on March 27, 2014. But the poliovirus is still active in our neighboring countries like Pakistan & Afghanistan. Polio virus can reinfect and epidemic can still spread if this virus is re-introduced from other countries.

From April 2016, Injectable Polio vaccination (IPV) has been started by Government of India. Govt. will be giving 1 dose of IPV at 14 weeks along with polio drops and other routine vaccines like DPT, Hib, & Hepatitis B.

So for double protection, IPV is being introduced in routine immunization programme of govt of India.

In most of the private set up in India, IPV is already being advised by Child Specialists for many years (As Indian academy of Pediatrics recommended, it many years back, seeing the global trends).  

However, the children will continue to receive OPV (polio drops) dose under routine immunisation and in pulse polio campaigns till they are 5 years of age.

Make sure your baby gets the polio vaccine; both oral as well as injectable.

For detailed reading click on the link below (which is a govt. website).