Ghee is a type of fat made by heating butter rich in fat soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids.

It is said to have a lot of medicinal values and has been used since thousands of years.

It is highly rich in nutrients and fatty acids which are beneficial for health and has a positive effect on digestive mechanism of our body, but other fats like oils and butter can slow down the digestion. It helps in proper body functioning when taken in proper quantity.

Ghee helps to boost your intake of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K where all are important to maintain a healthy vision. Ghee is free from casein & protein therefore it can be even consumed by people with casein intolerance.  It contains C L A or conjugated linoleic acid which prevents from cancer, reduces inflammation and lowers B.P. This clarified butter or pure ghee when taken in controlled quantity has lots of health benefits.   

  • Enhances digestion     
  • Reduces inflammation   
  • Enhances bone strength    
  • Promotes weight loss 

Ghee has fat lowering capacity, it can reduce the cholesterol in intestine and serum.

It has high content of antioxidants and can strengthen the immune system. Ghee improves the functioning of heart, brain and bones. According to many studies conducted, ghee consumed can release energy even hours after consumption. Ghee can be used as a good moisturizer, helpful in treating dark circles, effective in cough and reduces constipation. 

 1 glass of milk with 1 teaspoon of ghee is advised in pregnancy.

 It is said to cure thyroid dysfunction. 

It has positive impact on brain neurotransmitters which makes us happy.                                              

Ayurveda mentions ghee as one of the most valuable component with lot of medicinal values. Among all varieties of ghee, cow ghee is considered to be the best and with qualities in Ayurveda. Cow ghee is used as an excellent base for medicinal preparations in Ayurveda. It reduces the effect of toxins and undesirable effects of medicines. Cow ghee prepared by gently heating butter until it becomes clear semi liquid with golden color is free from lactose and other milk solids. It is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It has a smoothing and softening action on body.

This clarified butter has the capability to reach the deepest tissue of human body and is therefore helpful in targeting specific parts of the body. Ghee is known for its lipophilic action and the targeted organs have cells with lipids in it and thereby promote a better absorption.  Absorption of cow ghee cannot be a risk factor for cholesterol as it increases only H D L and not L D L. Ayurveda also explains the importance of Purana ghrita or old ghee as it has more medicinal values. Medicated or processed ghee is used in ayurvedic detoxification therapies as it helps in liquefying or loosening the toxins in tissue level and supports to transport it to gastrointestinal tract for better elimination. Such detoxifying therapies or pancha karmas will give a better immunized and rejuvenated body. Other benefits according to Ayurveda include:

  • Promotes healthy vision, voice,intelligence & brain function.
  • Promotes memory and mental alertness.
  • It nourishes all dhatus, & ojas. 
  • Its intake during pregnancy promotes breast milk production.
  • It’s used in skin ailments like allergies, rashes, burning sensation & even in thick psoriatic patches.
  • External application helps in wound healing.
  • Excellent action in reducing burnt injuries. 
  • It is advised by physician to be consumed with medicinal combination for better absorption of medicine.